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Recent Work

DESIGN & BUILD Prefabricated Transportable Structures 

Shipping containers are most versatile to craft into any structure one can imagine, yet are the most sturdy shell you can get as re-usable materials. This makes shipping containers AFFORDABLE, QUICK to build & easy to TRANSPORT.

Container living is growing worldwide as the best alternative for domestic and commercial purposes, and CuboSense strives to make this possible.

With proper fabricating techniques our team can produce quite amazing structures. We use nothing but Eco-Friendly, cost effective yet best in quality materials in our work.

​​Uniqueness is the key in our projects. Each and every design we make will be completely customized according to customer's need and choice.

Every creation is a PIECE OF ART!


How it works ?

container housing india

Customer Requirements

You'll select the type of customization you want.


container home hyderabad

Container sourced from Docks

Containers are sourced from docks after thorough safety and quality check.

container house bangalore

The Invincibility Coatings

Our Team then works on Cleaning, Waterproofing, Rust proofing & Insulation of the container.


Turned into a Delightful space!

The container is then transformed into LIVABLE, TRANSPORTABLE, STURDY space according to your  preferences all in under 2 WEEKS!

shipping container house india

Top Advantages

container housing india
shipping container house india

Save Time and Money!

Containers can be prefabricated really fast, so you don't have to wait for structure to get ready, instead just wait for your home to come!
Also, the total cost of structure comes out to be approximately 30% less in comparison to concrete structures 


container home hyderabad


Reuse, recycle!

Ever thought how great it would be if you could realign your house, or might even take it to a different place ?
Due to their high tensile strength, shipping containers are highly portable yet durable.
Very similar to getting your vehicle transported to another city.


By using shipping containers, we are using something that the world already has. 

It’s built to withstand rigorous ocean travel , and it can certainly handle the wear and tear a normal home would face throughout its life.
Also, when a home gets demolished, tons of waste is dumped, whereas a container home can be refurbished and reused even after years.



Model House- HYD


1 Bedrooms

Come and have a look at our model house in Hyderabad, which is a complete living solution for a small family.




1 Bedroom

Ever thought what could be the better version of a studio apartment?
It would definitely be the iSquare. 

container living bangalore



2 Bedrooms

C-Twin - Is wisely elaborated double bedroom setup which can accommodate bigger family. Wooden facade gives more rustic and earthy feel to exterior.




20-30 guests

The multi-container restaurant concept which could be a ground breaker in restaurant construction. Great for 360° view. 


container house hyderabad



1 Bedroom


Designed for mobility. "Close doors and transport " is what it is aimed for.

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