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2 Bedrooms


C-Twin - Is wisely elaborated double bedroom setup which can accommodate bigger family. Wooden facade gives more rustic and earthy feel to exterior.​

Suitable for Resorts, Farm houses, Guest houses, etc.

4-5 Adults | 2 x 20ft Containers | 2 queen size beds | 2 wardrobes | Huge windows | Deck option | External toilets | Wide veranda



1 Bedroom


Just20 - Is designed for mobility. "Close doors and transport " is what it is aimed for. 

Suitable for Event houses, Farm houses, Guest houses, Resorts, etc

2 Adults | 1 x 20ft Container | Living room | Storage | Queen size bed | Wardrobe | Sofa | Terrace option | Internal bathroom | Spacious sit-out



20-30 guests


The multi-container restaurant concept which could be a ground breaker in restaurant construction. Great for 360° view. 

Suitable for Beach front, Hill view, Road side, Anywhere eatery, etc

4 x 20ft containers | Independent kitchen | Stair case(Internal straight) | 2 wooden decks | Stunning view



2-3 Staff

Mini and mighty boom box is designed to pack-up and go easy. Deck extension gives a sitting setup for 2-3 tables (6-8 guests).

Suitable for Coffee shops, Foodcourts, Carnival eateries, Cafeteria in malls, etc

1 x 20ft Container | Front open (hydraulic arms) | Sit-out | Side entrance | Exhaust option



3-4 Patients


Any terrain medical camp setup gives an impulse to medical facility. With the element of mobility, this medic camp makes the impossible as possible in-terms of affordability and transportability. 

Suitable for Rural camps, project site camps, mobile camps, first aid counters, etc

2 x 20' Container | 2 Doctor desks |Private Treatment bed | Waiting area



5-7 users


Perfect for roadside and public toilet area with container, this could dismantle and transport when needed.

Suitable for Roadside, add-on to existing facility, carnivals, project sites, etc

20ft container | 2 entrance (M & F) | 5-7 users (At a time)

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