Guard House


3-5 Guards


Security post not needed to be inconvenient, high quality yet in cheapest budget.  All weather proof, secured/huge windows for best view, Dual tone exterior, Verified tile floor, Contrast ceiling color, CC Camera provision, Attic for simple storage, many more!

Suitable for Private security, project site camps, mobile camps, Residential Layout entrances,  Movable security posts, etc

2 x 20' Container | 2 Doctor desks |Private Treatment bed | Waiting area



3-4 Patients


Any terrain medical camp setup gives an impulse to medical facility. With the element of mobility, this medic camp makes the impossible as possible in-terms of affordability and transportability. 

Suitable for Rural camps, project site camps, mobile camps, first aid counters, etc

2 x 20' Container | 2 Doctor desks |Private Treatment bed | Waiting area



5-7 users


Perfect for roadside and public toilet area with container, this could dismantle and transport when needed.

Suitable for Roadside, add-on to existing facility, carnivals, project sites, etc

20ft container | 2 entrance (M & F) | 5-7 users (At a time)

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